ELEMENTA IRHA/FISE Parareining Championship 2023

ELEMENTA IRHA/FISE Parareining Championship 2023 credits Bonaga Communication

Cremona, November 11 — On Saturday evening para reiners got together in Cremona, Italy, where the $600.000-added IRHA/IRHBA/NRHA Futurity presented by DeNiroBootCo is being held.

The Para Reining Championships are part of the FISE/IRHA Italian Reining Championship Finals and, as FISE President Marco Di Paola stated, “para equestrian, and in particular para reining, is a department in which our Federation is investing in thanks to the dedication and commitment of private sponsors, in this case, Maria Cecilia Fiorucci of ELEMENTA who has once again supported the Championship.

Parareining Director in FISE, Alessandro Pavoni, explains how athletes who qualified during the year by participating in the regional FISE/IRHA Championship are classified. "Parareining is composed of two basic categories: the cognitive category and the physically disabled category. In the cognitive category there are three sub-divisions that are characterized by the difference in gaits: Open (lope), Intermediate Open (trot), and Limited Open (walk). The assignment of categories depends on intellectual ability; this ability varies, and can vary, as the pattern unfolds or, during the day which means that in the morning an athlete might do the limited open category and the open in the afternoon, precisely because their ability lies in momentary perception. For those with physical disabilities, a proper functional examination is required that establishes the categories: grade 1 (walk), grade 2 (trot), grade 3 (lope) and grade 4 (lope). The differentiation between grade 3 and 4 lies in the fact that grade 3 includes all athletes with lower limb disabilities and these are allowed to change direction at a trot."

Physical Disabilities Categories:

ELEMENTA FISE/IRHA Parareining - Promo

Enea Ferrone (Tuscany – Coach Ahmad Deljooye Sabeti) & Apache Cody, owner Enea Ferrone - score 0

I've had this horse for 11 years and this competition was an achievement for me because I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Hopefully I can continue with this project and fulfill my dream, which is to compete.

The project to bring Enea forward was also made possible by the collaboration of Inail and FISE, who designed a prototype of the saddle he uses according to directions from both Enea and his mother. He is the first quadriplegic athlete to approach competitive riding.

ELEMENTA FISE/IRHA Parareining Grade 4

I bought my horse from Ambrosini QH in January. It was a very instructive path because at the beginning we didn't know each other, so we competed just to get to know each other. We did very well at the World Championships where we did very well. We improved a lot and got here. The competition here went very well; the mare was good, always with me, stopped very well, and I must say that I am very happy."- Martina Panizza

1) Martina Panizza (Lombardy – Coach Roberto Prevosti) & Smoking Custom Lena owner Martina Panizza - score 211.5

Cognitive Categories:

ELEMENTA FISE/IRHA Parareining Limited Open

I really enjoyed this competition because DC Easter Spat and I really clicked today. I hope to qualify for this Championship again next year.” — Agata Fumagalli

1) Agata Fumagalli (Lombardy – Coach Massimo Villa) & DC Easter Spat, owner Dolores Ciancamerla - score 201

ELEMENTA FISE/IRHA Parareining Intermediate Open

 I’m very happy with both my competitions. This is a horse I borrowed because my horse, Ginger, was not well and I can't ride him yet. I hope to qualify for this Championship with him next year.”- Sara Borgonovo

1) Sara Borgonovo (Lombardy – Coach Massimo Villa) e Steady Wind SG, owner Nicoló Maggi - score 209.5
2) Vittoria Marzorati (Lombardy – Coach Massimo Villa) & DC Easter Spat, owner Dolores Ciancamerla - score 204.5


This horse is famous because he made me win so much...and I am famous too! He’s a good and nice horse and today my run felt good. The whole Championship went well, even though it was a little difficult also because I rode this new horse, but I succeeded.” - Nicoló Maggi

1) Nicoló Maggi (Lombardy – Coach Massimo Villa) & Wimpy DJ, owner Nicoló Maggi - score 201.5
2) Claudia Fanfani (Tuscany) e Jakie Kennedy – owner and coach Ahmad Deljooye Sabeti - score 186
3) Sara Borgonovo (Lombardy) e Steady Wind SG - owner Nicoló Maggi – score 186

Photos by Bonaga Communication

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