2024 Parareining Derby

The inaugural PARAREINING DERBY, coinciding with the IRHA-IRHBA-FISE-NRHA DERBY and the finals of the 2023 DEBUTANTS ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, will take place before the Open Derby finals on Saturday, March 30, 2024, at "CremonaFiere" - Piazza Ennio Zelioli Lanzini 1, 26100, Cremona (CR) - Google Maps.

Cremona is gearing up to celebrate an extraordinary equestrian event: the first Parareining Derby! This competition is not only a novelty in the sports calendar but also marks a turning point in the inclusion and valorization of athletes with disabilities in the world of Reining.

With awards valued at 8,000 Euros, the 2024 Parareining Derby commits to being a catalyst of talent and passion, involving athletes from all over Italy and potentially from abroad. The competition is structured to accommodate different categories, depending on the physical and cognitive needs of the participants, thus ensuring a fair and exciting playing field.

The event will unfold over a week full of appointments, culminating with the Open Derby finals, and promises to provide spectators with a display of equestrian skills at the highest level. Participants will have the opportunity to perform in a competitive context designed to enhance their skills, with maneuvers and judgments tailored to showcase Reining performances.

The event is supported by prestigious names in the sector, such as ELEMENTA, which once again confirms itself as a caring and sensitive partner, together with Quarter Dream and the innovative contribution of Francesca Luciani (FL) with her brands, reinforcing the bond between sport and solidarity.

Beyond the competition, the Parareining Derby aims to be a place of meeting and growth, where the sharing of experiences and passion for the equestrian world act as a glue in an environment that celebrates determination and excellence. With this premise, the event in Cremona is set to become a must-attend event for equestrian sport lovers and an example of how sport can be a vehicle for positive and inclusive values.

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