In Foal Partners

We are a business company that knows where the offer (stallion), meets the demand (breeders).

Our mission is to improve the horse genetics in europe.

We Build. We Create. We Share. NEW GENETIC IN EUROPE

Our main business is Equine Insemination with Frozen semen, we are present in European Market and We know the needs and the reproduction trends of the “CUTTING”, “REINING” and “REINED COW HORSE” industry.

In Foal Partners
Tel. +39 347 672 8357 (Francesco Groppelli: Italian, English)
Tel. +39 347 672 8358 (Maurizio Di Simone: Italian, English, Deutsche sprache)
Tel. +49 174 6288813 (Almut Cooper: Deutsch, English - For GERMANY ONLY)
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